NIRI Rocky Mountain Chapter
Apr 15, 2016

Letter From the President: Upcoming Elections & NIRI National Scholarship

To our NIRI Rocky Mountain Members:
In the coming days, members of the Rocky Mountain Chapter will be receiving an email with a link to vote your proxy for this year's 2016-17 NIRI Rocky Mountain chapter board of directors.  The full slate of individuals up for election this year is posted as a link on our “Leadership” page, which can be navigated to by way of the “About” directory item on the main NIRI-Rocky Mountain page. We will hold our annual meeting this year at 5:00 p.m. on May 19 at Elway's Restaurant in Cherry Creek in conjunction with a NIRI social event to follow.  I hope you can attend.
It's been my pleasure to serve as the president of your chapter for the last two years.  We've made great progress on our programs, sponsorships and communications activities, all with the goal of increasing the participation among our membership, which I believe we have accomplished.  I hope you've been able to participate in that experience.  As I pass the baton to our next board, I do so knowing we are in good hands with the incoming team.
One additional item of note:  We are once again offering scholarships (2) to our members to attend the upcoming NIRI National conference in San Diego June 5-8.  If you are selected, our NIRI Rocky Mountain chapter will cover your registration to the event.  You will still be responsible for your travel and lodging expenses.  This is a benefit we truly enjoy providing to our members, and can do so because of the success we've enjoyed over the last few years.  To submit your name, please contact me or our President-Elect, Kathleen Marvin, at by April 29th, close of business.
Best regards,